Sudan: Army and paramilitary force claim control of key sites

At least three have died as Sudan’s army and a notorious paramilitary force battle with heavy weapons in the capital Khartoum amid tensions over a proposed transition to civilian rule.

Video showed a civilian plane ablaze at Khartoum airport. Saudi airline Saudia said its airbus came under fire.

Both sides say they control the airport and other key sites. The army says jets are hitting bases of its opponents, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

People are sheltering from the clashes.

“Shooting is still ongoing and people are staying indoors – there is so much panic and fear,” an eyewitness told the BBC via her Kenya-based sister.

Residents had not been expecting the clashes, she said, and many had been caught in transit. with bridges and roads closed and many schools in lockdown.

Duaa Tariq was speaking to the BBC when a military plane flew over her building – “They’re shooting live ammunition at the roof of the house next door and we’re just now taking shelter,” she said.


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