Mike Pompeo won’t run for president in 2024, says future run possible

Mike Pompeo Won’t Run For President In 2024, Says Future Run Possible - 5Ropfsg3Cii63Lv5H7Jkytcgbi
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Mike Pompeo will not run for president in 2024 because of “personal” reasons, the former secretary of state and CIA director announced Friday.

“The time is not right for me and my family,” Pompeo said in a statement discussing the decision. “For now, Susan and I have concluded that we can best serve in roles we’ve been in before — as parents, Sunday school teachers, community leaders and business leaders.”

Pompeo, who was viewed as a likely GOP presidential contender but one who never polled particularly well, did not completely shy away from the possibility of ever running for president.

“To those of you this announcement disappoints, my apologies,” Pompeo said in a two-minute video posted to Twitter. “And to those of you it thrills, know that I’m only 59 and there remain many more opportunities for which the timing might be more fitting as presidential leadership becomes even more necessary.”

Pompeo has sought to distance himself…

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This article was written by Andrea Salcedo and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com