DeSantis bucks his robot reputation in New Hampshire

Desantis Bucks His Robot Reputation In New Hampshire - Election 2024 Desantis 00055

DeSantis was swarmed for photos after his speech, despite officials pleading with people to stay in their seats so the governor could move about the room. He worked the 500-person crowd at the Amos Tuck dinner in downtown Manchester for over an hour, a flurry of handshakes and photos that the state party chair said was unplanned and that defies the notion that he lacks retail skills.

DeSantis might have a big enough reputation that he can skip over the small rooms other presidential contenders have to work. But he’s trying to walk the walk in this small state that prides itself on putting politicians through the retail-politics ringer, and is expected to follow up his star turn in Manchester with some smaller stops on Saturday.

And that could spell trouble for his would-be rivals in the polling single-digits, who’ve been betting big on early state retail politicking to set themselves apart from their big-name competitors — DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump, who is…

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