Can Therapy Help Make You Richer?

Therapy can help improve your mental health, your stress levels and maybe even your relationship with your mom. It may also help improve your financial situation — a benefit many may not be aware of.

According to 2018 data featured in the European Economic Review, men may expect a 12.4% increase in income from consulting a psychotherapist, while women may expect to see an 8.1% increase in income.

How therapy can increase income

How exactly can therapy help increase your income? Therapy is a tool for healing your mental health, the same way visiting a doctor can heal your physical health.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you may not be able to fully focus on or even prioritize your work. This can make it more difficult to perform well, receive raises or get promoted.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you can use therapy to address the root causes of why you struggle financially, or what’s making it difficult for you to prioritize your work, you might find yourself

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