Best Subreddits for Doctors

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

Reddit offers a fantastic platform to discuss anything you like. It calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet,” and it has a fairly tight moderation policy and anti-commercial culture. Users (Redditors) love the anonymity it provides and the ability to upvote and downvote various responses. The more they help others and create great posts, the more karma and followers those Redditors acquire. Reddit is divided into literally millions of subreddits on nearly any subject you can think of. Subreddits can be divided by size using the number of members. The vast majority are very small:

Very small: <500 members Small < 5,000 members Medium < 25,000 members Large < 100,000 members Very large < 1 million members Mega > 1o million members

As an example, the top 50 subreddits all have more than 13 million members.


Top 10 Investing and Financial Subreddits for Doctors

Today, we’re going to talk about the best subreddits for doctors. Being a financial website, our first list is all about financial subreddits.


#1 The White Coat Investor

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