Using Technology to Create a Better Customer Experience

The last few years have been characterized by an overwhelming amount of change for customers and marketplaces. From supply chain shortages to shifts in customer channel preferences, organizations have struggled to catch up and keep pace with customers’ evolving needs and expectations.

Such disruptions have also required all types of organizations to engage their target customers in new ways with digital technology — from online car shopping to leveraging self-service, digital has become ingrained in the customer experience (CX).

But technology is only part of whole story.

We have found that the most compelling digital experiences start with a compelling understanding of the customer — who they are, what they want, what job they have to do, and even how they feel about themselves.

Unfortunately, many organizations have it backwards: They start with the technology and then back into customer understanding. Their unending quest for operational efficiency is…

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This article was written by Leah Leachman and originally published on