Can AI and Machine Learning Help Park Rangers Prevent Poaching?

BRIAN KENNY: Artificial intelligence or AI for short is certainly creating a lot of buzz these days. And although it may seem like this amorphous thing that’s somewhere off in our future, it’s already very much in our midst. Navigation apps have turned printed maps into relics. Alexa, knows what you need from the grocery store before you do. Google Nest has the house at just the right temperature before you roll out from under the covers. And this is all great, but now you have to wonder if this intro is written by me or chat GPT. Which raises an important question. At what point does AI go from being helpful to being harmful? And will we recognize that line before we cross it? Today, on Cold Call, we’ve invited Professor Brian Trelstad to discuss the case entitled, Smart AI and Machine Learning for Wildlife Conservation. I’m your host Brian Kenny, and you’re listening to Cold Call on the HBR Podcast Network. Brian Trelstad’s research focuses on…

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