Trump who? Ohio’s Mike DeWine doesn’t have time to talk ageism, partisan rancor or 45

Trump Who? Ohio’s Mike Dewine Doesn’t Have Time To Talk Ageism, Partisan Rancor Or 45 - Fifty Kapos Dewine Lead

How do you break through in a bipartisan way?

Politics had nothing to do with dealing with how we clean up the mess from the train, for example, or how we hold the train company liable and accountable for this. So Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and I both from the point of view of, “Hey, we got a problem. And let’s go fix it.” So yeah, I think there’s plenty of opportunity for people to work in a bipartisan way.

Another example is Gov. Steve Beshear, in Kentucky, another Democrat. He and I are going to build a bridge across the Ohio River. We got the federal government and we got our money and his money, and we’re going to build a bridge. We’ve worked exceedingly well together.

So, yeah, I think people want us to get things done. I think they don’t like partisan battles. You know, there are gonna be things that parties just are going to disagree about. And that is what it is. I have always found in my 20 years in Congress, particularly my 12 years in the U.S….

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