What Is a Testator?

A testator is a legal term used to describe someone who has died and left a will. A will — also sometimes referred to as a testamentary will or last will and testament — is a legally binding document that contains the final wishes of the testator in the event of their death. Typically, a will includes things such as:

Instructions for the distribution of assets and property: These instructions can pertain to things like bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real estate property and other personal property (for example, vehicles, jewelry or collectibles).

Guardianship for minor or disabled children: Guardianship typically applies to minor children who are younger than 18. However, it might also apply to disabled children who are older than 18.

Assignment of an executor for the estate: An estate executor is a person, bank or trust company tasked with carrying out the wishes of the deceased person according to the terms of the will. Executors are legally bound to:

Distribute assets in the…

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This article was written by Connor Emmert and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com