Turkey earthquake: Screaming, shaking… how it felt when the quake hit

It was 04:17 local time when Erdem, asleep at his home in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, was shaken from his sleep by one of Turkey’s biggest-ever earthquakes.

“I have never felt anything like it in the 40 years I’ve lived,” he said. “We were shaken at least three times very strongly, like a baby in a crib.”

People went to their cars to escape the damaged buildings. “I imagine not a single person in Gaziantep is in their homes now,” Erdem said.

More than 130 miles west, in Adana, Nilüfer Aslan was convinced he and his family would die when the quake shook their fifth floor apartment.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life. We swayed for close to one minute,” he said.

“[I said to my family] ‘There is an earthquake, at least let’s die together in the same place’… It was the only thing that crossed my mind.”

When the quake paused, Aslan fled outside – “I couldn’t take anything with me, I’m standing outside in slippers” – to find that four buildings surrounding his own had…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk