What’s more common: A ‘good guy’ without a gun — or with one?

What’s More Common: A ‘Good Guy’ Without A Gun — Or With One? - Qxytmh2Ze47Nihskr5Wzps6Rmm
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“What inevitably stops these horrific crimes: Armed good guys stopping armed bad guys.”

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), May 31, 2022

“Having a gunfight is not going to help anybody.”

— Richard Fierro, who in 2022 helped tackle the shooter who killed five people at Club Q nightclub in Colorado Springs, Jan. 25, 2023

When Brandon Tsay disarmed a gunman who had opened fire at a Monterey Park, Calif., ballroom on Jan. 21, killing 11 people, he did not have his own weapon. Security footage shows him struggling with the gunman and wrestling a semiautomatic pistol away from the shooter before he had an opportunity to attack another dance hall, in nearby Alhambra, where Tsay was working.

Last summer, Elisjsha Dicken ended a rampage at a shopping mall in Indiana by pulling his 9mm pistol and killing a man who had already killed three people and injured two with high-powered weapons.

Two narratives: A “good guy” without a gun. A “good guy” with a gun.

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This article was written by Glenn Kessler and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com