The 2024 GOP presidential primary season is kicking off. Here’s the potential field.

The 2024 Gop Presidential Primary Season Is Kicking Off. Here’s The Potential Field. - N73Jr56Wcnz2O5Oqv43Z23Magi

The former governor of Maryland is openly weighing a 2024 run after eight years as the moderate GOP head of a blue state, Maryland. He left office in January.

Long at odds with Trump and critical of his endorsed candidates in the midterms, Hogan has said he sees new room for critics of the ex-president in the GOP. His team recently launched a federal political action committee. But many Republicans see a difficult path for candidates such as Hogan, given many GOP primary voters’ desire for someone further to the right.

Hutchinson, who spent eight years as governor of Arkansas and just left office, has hit the trail in Iowa to signal his 2024 ambitions and told NBC News in late January that he is “absolutely” considering a presidential run. He urged Republicans to look past Trump well before the midterms that intensified GOP doubts and in January said the ex-president’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol “disqualifies” him for another term.


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