Senior OPM leader used racial slur, sexist language, watchdog finds

Senior Opm Leader Used Racial Slur, Sexist Language, Watchdog Finds - 4Vuszj7Dxkdwnyc3Ni73Csogyu
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He called a subordinate a “hot blonde.” He told another woman who worked for him he “hoped some studly guy would be rubbing oil on her back at the beach.” He used the n-word in a meeting with his staff.

These are among the litany of racially and sexually offensive behaviors by a former high-ranking Defense Department official that the Pentagon’s inspector general says it substantiated in a new report released on Thursday.

The misconduct by former acting comptroller Douglas A. Glenn — which investigators said included drinking with subordinates during work hours at least twice without authorization, in violation of Pentagon policy — happened as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised to eradicate racism and sexual misconduct in the military and President Biden pledged to advance racial equity in the federal government.

As the investigation into his conduct at the Pentagon was underway, Glenn was hired in November 2021 by the Office of Personnel…

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