Nigeria elections 2023: The allegations against the presidential contenders

Nigerians voting for a new president next month will have 18 contenders to choose from but the three men seen as the leading candidates have been separately accused of trading in narcotics, money laundering and global tax avoidance.

None of them has ever been indicted, which would rule them out from running for office, but the high-profile allegations have raised questions over their candidacy.

“It is choosing between bad candidates,” said Auwal Rafsanjani, head of the Nigerian branch of anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International, pointing out how widespread corruption has caused devastating levels of underdevelopment and poverty in the oil-rich nation.

The three top contenders are Bola Tinubu from the governing All Progressives Congress, Atiku Abubakar from the People’s Democratic Party’s and Peter Obi from the Labour Party.

All three say they made their fortunes legitimately and deny any wrongdoing.

Mr Tinubu, who served two terms as governor of Nigeria’s richest state…

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