Does It Feel Like Your Department Has Been Sidelined?

If you were to look at the inner workings of any successful company, you would notice an intricate web of departments — marketing, IT, HR, engineering, legal, etc. — in a constant give-and-take with the units they support.

As business priorities change, certain parts of the company inevitably will command influence and visibility while others get sidelined. A product line may have outgrown its appeal to customers, so the leader or employees associated with it are now deemed less important. Or a support function that developed a reputation of being a “blocker” due to holding up execution in the past may be actively avoided by the businesses. And it doesn’t help either that with today’s growing remote workforce, it’s hard to tell whether you are being ostracized intentionally.

Like any social setting, when you work in a department that isn’t invited to the party, you may worry about being left out. How will being excluded affect the motivation and…

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This article was written by Nihar Chhaya and originally published on