Utah bans TikTok from public devices, joining other Republican states

Utah Bans Tiktok From Public Devices, Joining Other Republican States - Cp33Bavkd4I6Zcuotrxj7R5A3Y
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The governor of Utah declared Monday that TikTok is prohibited on many state electronic devices.

Gov. Spencer Cox (R) issued the executive order Monday, banning many employees in the state’s executive branch from using the social media app on state-owned phones, tablets or computers. Exempt from the ban are schools of all levels, the attorney general’s office and the legislative and judicial branches.

Cox said he is uncomfortable with TikTok because it is owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance and he is distrustful of the company’s ties to the Chinese government.

As Washington wavers on TikTok, Beijing exerts control

“China’s access to data collected by TikTok presents a threat to our cybersecurity,” Cox said in a news release this week. “As a result, we’ve deleted our TikTok account and ordered the same on all state-owned devices. We must protect Utahns and make sure that the people of Utah can trust the state’s security systems.”


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This article was written by Ben Brasch and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com