GOP operative who allegedly kicked a dog hired as top aide to new congressman

Gop Operative Who Allegedly Kicked A Dog Hired As Top Aide To New Congressman - Election 2022 Georgia 85629

Collins (R-Ga.) has not formally announced that Phillips, 36, will be his chief of staff, but three Georgia Republican congressional staffers told POLITICO he has been selected for the job.

He participated in a meeting on Nov. 30 that was held exclusively for Georgia Republican congressional chiefs of staff in an office next to the office of Rep. Rick Allen (R-Ga.), according to two of those staffers. And Phillips has interviewed at least one congressional aide for a potential post in Collins’ office, they said.

Phillips also was with Collins for new member orientation last month, one of the people said.

Collins has also designated Phillips as his transition aide, a different Republican congressional staffer familiar with the matter said.

Phillips, a former executive director of the Fulton County Republican Party, has long ties to Collins, the owner of a successful trucking business. In 2014, Phillips worked for Collins in his unsuccessful run against Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.). In…

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