France 2-0 Morocco: World Cup 2022 semi-final – reaction

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“Before the match, had you told me that France would take the lead in the first five minutes, I would have despaired at how watchable the game would be,” says Eric Peterson. “How wrong I was. Morocco didn’t just keep France honest, they asked questions aplenty.

“Here’s hoping the step from disappointment at the loss to appreciation of what they’ve accomplished happens as soon as possible for the Atlas Lions. They deserve it. As for France v Argentina, well, that should be somewhat watchable, huh?”

“Griezmann has been the player of the tournament, I agree,” says Kári Tulinius. “What’s most remarkable about that is that he’s playing a role he’s never performed before, in a position he’s never played in. He may have ensured his place on a very short list of all-time greats.”

It’s really interesting, because he’s playing as a No8 while retaining elements of a No10. And his…

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