6 Ways Companies Fail to Help Workers Grow

When it comes to worker advancement, good corporate practice is widespread. That’s a key finding that emerges in our American Opportunity Index, a first-of-its-kind ranking of Fortune 250 companies based on the lived experience of three million of their U.S. workers. We compiled the index as part of a study sponsored jointly by the Burning Glass Institute and the Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work project.

Two-thirds of the companies we evaluated landed in the top quintile on at least one of the six measures we created for describing worker advancement. That’s good news. But another of our key findings was that even top-ranked firms fail to deliver consistently on worker advancement — and that’s a problem, because everybody benefits from an upwardly mobile workforce.

When workers get stuck, what’s going wrong?

To shed light on that question, we recently grouped underperforming companies based on measures of opportunity creation…

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This article was written by Joseph Fuller and originally published on hbr.org