Why Some Start-Ups Fail to Scale

CURT NICKISCH: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. I’m Curt Nickisch.

As a startup founder, it’s got to feel exhilarating to see new customers streaming in and paying for your product or service. To get to this point, you’ve gone from conceiving your idea, building a small team and getting those early funders to help you test it in the world. Considering how many startups fail, watching customers put money down can make you feel like you’ve slayed a dragon. But watch out. There is another dragon waiting around the corner. Even fast-growing startups that get glowing reviews from customers and the media often end up flaming out. Despite all that positive momentum and growth, they’re just not able to stay profitable at scale.

This scale-up phase of entrepreneurial ventures is a huge challenge, and today’s guest has researched the stumbling blocks to long-lasting success. He says you can overcome them by expanding your business…

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