Research: When Mindfulness Does — and Doesn’t — Help at Work

More than half of American employers offer some form of mindfulness training to their workers, contributing to a global corporate wellness market that’s valued at over $50 billion. But are these investments actually paying off?

While the general benefits of mindfulness — that is, a state of awareness and presence in the moment that can be cultivated through various meditation practices — are well known, the effectiveness of these workplace programs isn’t as established as one might think. The vast majority of academic research examining the impact of mindfulness practices has been conducted in labs and therapists’ offices — two environments that are very different from those in which corporate wellness programs generally take place. As such, to bridge this gap, we conducted a series of field studies exploring the effects of different mindfulness-focused meditation practices in real-world workplace settings. And in a nutshell, we found that mindfulness…

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This article was written by Lindsey Cameron and originally published on