Epcot for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

So you’ve finally made it to Walt Disney World. You’ve got a week to spend there, but you’re not sure which parks are best for your family. We don’t blame you — Disney World is a massive series of resorts and theme parks with seemingly endless options.

Among the theme parks is Epcot, a Disney park that focuses on future technology and global culture. But is Epcot for kids? While on the surface it may seem oriented toward an older crowd, there are plenty of activities for families. Let’s take a look.

The short answer to whether or not Epcot is for kids is yes — the park is a great place for kids. It’s not as obviously kid-friendly as theme parks such as the Magic Kingdom Park, but Epcot has both attractions and activities that are geared toward children.

Kid-friendly activities at Epcot


Is Epcot good for toddlers? How about young children? Happily, no matter their age, you’ll be able to find attractions to suit your family. Epcot has many different activities…

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This article was written by Carissa Rawson and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com