Best 9 pet insurance companies in California of 2022

The best pet insurance in California can cover emergencies, routine wellness care, and more. Just as we buy health insurance for our medical bills, your pet should have insurance to protect them. You can buy your pet insurance through a company you know, like Nationwide pet insurance, or seek a specialty pet insurance provider like the ASPCA. A little veterinary coverage could protect you when you need it most.

Best overall: PumpkinBest cheap pet insurance: LemonadeBest coverage limits: Healthy PawsBest wellness plans: WagmoBest for new pet owners: ASPCABest for therapy coverage: FetchBest for service dogs: TrustedPalsBest for multiple pets: EmbraceBest for senior pets: SpotCompare the best pet insurance in CaliforniaBest overall: Pumpkin

Pumpkin pet insurance gets about as close to a one-size-fits-all solution as you can with insurance. It offers solid claims processing, affordable premiums, and a wide range of medical coverages. In addition, Pumpkin’s waiting periods for conditions…

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