Argentina v Croatia: World Cup 2022 semi-final – live

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A bit of a brouhaha in the ITV studio. Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Ian Wright all argue that the penalty shouldn’t have been awarded. Their argument being: where could the keeper go? Peter Walton explains that it was a foul because the keeper didn’t make contact with the ball, therefore his positioning led to an obstruction. Had he played the ball, that would be a different matter. The old pros aren’t having it, and continue to rail at Walton, but the former referee stands his ground. In summary: them’s the laws.

Half-time entertainment. Another semi-final coming right up tomorrow!

HALF TIME: Argentina 2-0 Croatia

Argentina have one foot in the final. Croatia came back from the dead against Brazil; can they find a way again? It’s going to be fun finding out.

45 min +4: Messi dribbles outrageously down the right, nearly losing the ball three times. But it’s rope-a-dope stuff, and he makes it all the…

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