Credit Cards That Give Instant Rewards

Thanks to free two-day shipping, delivery apps and curbside pickup at stores, it’s never been easier to attain instant gratification. Credit card rewards have been a notable exception, though, often requiring you to wait until the end of a billing cycle to finally get what you’re owed. 

Some credit cards are reducing that wait time to as little as the day after you make a purchase. If you want your rewards ASAP, here are some card options that won’t take their time.

Top credit cards that give instant rewards

Apple Card

Our pick for: Fans of the brand

Why we like it

The Apple Card earns 3% cash back on Apple purchases, and at select retailers when you use Apple Pay. Earn 2% back on other purchases when you use Apple Pay, and 1% back when you use the physical card. Managing the card and tracking your spending and cash-back earnings through Apple Wallet is a user-friendly experience, and you can see if you’d qualify for the card without affecting your credit score. However, you…

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