Trump Organization found guilty of tax crimes after New York trial

Former US President Donald Trump’s family real estate company has been found guilty of tax crimes.

The Trump Organization was convicted on all counts on Tuesday after two days of jury deliberations in New York.

The company had been accused of enriching its top executives with off-the books benefits for at least 15 years.

The business is synonymous with the former president, but neither Mr Trump or his family members were on trial.

The company is expected to face a fine of around $1.6m (£1.3m) and may also face difficulty in securing loans and financing in the future.

Mr Trump has criticised the trial as politically motivated. He also attacked his long-serving former chief financial executive Allen Weisselberg after he pleaded guilty and testified against the business.

Prosecutors accused the company of having a “culture of fraud and deception” during the trial. They said it ran a scheme that allowed some executives to “understate their compensation” so that their taxes “were…

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