The Guide to Emirates Premium Economy

At first glance, Emirates Airlines — perhaps best known for its first-class luxury suites that can include access to an onboard shower — might not appeal to the comfort-seeking flyer with less to spend. But recent news has been positive for those passengers who desire a mid-tier flight experience.

Does Emirates have a premium economy? Yes — the airline introduced a premium economy cabin in 2021 on some of its Airbus A380 aircraft. Emirates premium economy is currently offered to a select number of destinations, with the number of routes increasing in the coming months.

Learn about the Emirates premium economy experience, including eligible routes, typical costs and what to expect when you fly.

Emirates premium economy seats

One of the main benefits of flying Emirates premium economy is the extra space compared to economy. For example, Emirates premium economy seats offer 40 inches of legroom pitch and a seat that’s 19.5 inches wide. On the other hand, economy seats provide 32 to…

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