The difference that 51 votes makes for Democrats in the Georgia runoff

The Difference That 51 Votes Makes For Democrats In The Georgia Runoff - Cvarok25Uqwvc7Luidnxtnmsca
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The 2022 Georgia Senate runoff has been a sleepier affair than the one from two years ago. This time, control of the Senate isn’t in the balance, with Democrats already having secured their 50th vote.

Still, this election is very important for a whole host of reasons; we ran down some of them last week. Now that it’s runoff day in the race between Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga.) and Republican Herschel Walker, let’s dive in deeper.

Why, practically speaking, a bigger majority matters

Democrats have the bare 50-vote majority they need to control the Senate, thanks to Vice President Harris’s tiebreaker. But adding a 51st seat matters when it comes to pushing through legislation and, particularly over the next two years, judges.

Committees currently have equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans, but a 51st vote would likely allow Democrats to have actual (albeit slight) Democratic majorities. Those committees have been able to advance legislation and…

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