See how McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle and other chains are using robots and AI to make faster orders with fewer workers

A hiring sign offers a $500 bonus outside a McDonalds restaurant.
McDonald’s, Subway, and Panera Bread recently unveiled new takeout and drive-thru tech.
They join a slew of chains adding tech to help with labor shortages and digital orders. 
Here are 13 chains adding voice bots, robotic fry cooks, and mobile-order express lanes. 


McDonald’s and Subway recently unveiled new contactless technology for takeout and drive-thru orders.

The nation’s two largest fast food chains in terms of locations are joining a fray of restaurant companies betting big on innovation that involves faster service and fewer humans amid an ongoing labor shortage.

Chipotle, Domino’s, and Checkers & Rally’s are using AI-powered voice bots to take orders, while fast-casual chains like Sweetgreen are adding drive-thru lanes designated for faster pickup of digital orders.

Fast-tracking automation comes as the labor outlook continues to look grim for the industry. On Friday, new Labor Department data shows that…

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