The many bad signs for Trump after his 2024 launch

The Many Bad Signs For Trump After His 2024 Launch - 4W66Fmaqsqi6Xnaerupgoxwhae
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Former president Donald Trump launched his campaign to return to the White House in 2024 on Nov. 15, just a week after costing his party in, arguably, the third election in a row.

And pretty much every sign since then confirms his grip on his party’s nomination continues to slip — apparently owing in no small part to his electoral setback in the midterms.

We’ve seen relatively little polling of the 2024 campaign since then. But what we have seen suggests Republican-leaning voters are souring on Trump 2024 and increasingly prefer an alternative who they see as more electable — particularly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The head-to-head is as competitive as it has ever been. An Economist/YouGov poll last week showed Trump at 36 percent and DeSantis at 30 percent in a crowded field.

But when you distill the race down to two candidates, the verdict is much less favorable for Trump. Another Economist/YouGov poll from two weeks earlier showed DeSantis up…

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