Final push for votes in Ga. runoff tests parties’ sway in battleground

Final Push For Votes In Ga. Runoff Tests Parties’ Sway In Battleground - Nqufsxor6Gkojyls2Mvsxumvlu
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DULUTH, Ga. — Steve Williams is the type of voter Republicans have been working furiously to court over the past four weeks in Georgia’s Senate runoff race.

The 33-year-old laments high inflation and voted for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R). During an interview in a park here in Duluth, he criticized Democrats’ stance on “culture war” issues such as gender identity, which GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker has played up in campaign ads.

Yet Williams backed Democrat Raphael G. Warnock for Senate in November and plans to do so again on Tuesday. He said he wants to underscore a message that he thinks many voters sent this midterm cycle: Republicans “can’t expect us to vote for garbage candidates.”

Georgia remains “culturally red,” he said. But “we’re not just partisan machines.”

Democrats are hoping that many independents and Republicans will vote similarly on Tuesday, allowing the party to bolster their slim majority in the Senate. For…

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