China’s COVID policy is top of mind for investors as unrest rattled markets last week. Here are 5 things they’re watching as Beijing signals willingness to loosen some restrictions.

Protesters march in Beijing.
Chinese cities have loosened COVID restrictions in the wake of mass protests, lifting Chinese stocks. 
But market watchers are still preparing to see if China is ready to announce a full reopening of its economy. 
Here are five things experts say they’re watching in China after protests shook the market. 

Chinese equities finished higher last week after cities throughout the country relaxed some strict COVID-19 restrictions, but questions remain whether the government will fully scrap the zero-COVID policy it put in place after the outbreak began in 2019.  

Protests in at least 17 cities erupted last week after 10 people died in an apartment fire in the city of Urumqi, with local residents angered by the building being blocked off by lockdown measures. Protestors, in a rare display of dissent against China’s authoritarian government, called for President Xi Jinping to resign.  

China’s top pandemic official last week appeared to signal a softening…

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