Ukraine war: Two generations share bed after Russian strikes

Sofia kneels in the corner of the room, making herself as small as possible. Space, or the complete lack of it, is now the constant constraint in her life.

The 19-year-old is living in one single room with her boyfriend and his mother. Not only this, they’re all sharing the same bed.

“I hate it,” she says. “I just want some personal space.”

Earlier this year, Sofia Prosyanyk fled Mariupol; the city besieged and eventually captured by Russia in May.

She met her boyfriend Yaroslav Moiseenko at an evacuation centre, before coming to live with him and his mother Nadiia in the village of Kalynivka, west of the capital Kyiv.

But Yaroslav and Nadiia returned to find their own home in ruins, destroyed during the failed Russian march on Kyiv at the start of the war.

Now they all live in an out-house that used to be the family’s “summer kitchen”.

The floorspace in the room can be crossed in three strides. The bed and a fridge are on one side while a stove sits right by the door.


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