Senate campaign hits fever pitch in final days of Georgia runoff

Senate Campaign Hits Fever Pitch In Final Days Of Georgia Runoff - Huds2Bdnpg5Qhbntkhryhxcekm
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ATLANTA — Republican Herschel Walker — known largely for his star football career with the University of Georgia Bulldogs — took pictures with fans near Mercedes-Benz stadium. Down the street filled with signs reminding people about Election Day, a “Dawgs for Warnock” booth gave out pins for Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D) and urged people to commit to voting.

Both campaigns took advantage of Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game between Georgia and the Louisiana State University Tigers to appeal to voters ahead of Tuesday’s Senate runoff.

And in ads broadcast to millions of people watching Saturday night’s Southeastern Championship game, Walker’s former football coach praised his “drive” and work ethic — while Democrats showed footage of voters reacting with disbelief to Walker’s musings on the campaign trail, including a comparison of vampires and werewolves.

Those viral comments were a tipping point for Scott Hay, 55,…

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