Democratic governors riding high on election results as 2024 looms

Democratic Governors Riding High On Election Results As 2024 Looms - Fof2Jy2Kzk534Tv53Kyi46Bp7M
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NEW ORLEANS — As Democratic governors descended on the Ritz-Carlton Hotel here for their annual winter meeting this week, the city’s reputation for bacchanalia felt particularly fitting.

The chief executives were celebrating a string of recent victories across the nation — flipping gubernatorial control in three states and holding off Republican challengers in critical battlegrounds like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

A group of women in festive outfits — headbands with bells and blinking lights, sparkling dresses and red and green sweaters — asked New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) to pose for a photo as he walked out of the elevator bank. Staff at the Democratic Governors Association rearranged the schedule at the last minute to accommodate a party for the governors and attendees to watch the United States take on the Netherlands in the first round of the knockout stage of the World Cup.

And on Saturday night, governors had plans to join in…

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