Coding: Female engineers deleting myth that tech is for men

“I foolishly thought coding was for men good at maths.”

Zoe Thomas, 29, from Caerphilly, felt like she needed a new challenge but never thought she could work with computers.

But after taking evening classes in coding she switched careers from customer service to software engineering for an insurance firm.

Latest ONS figures show women make up 31% of staff in the wider technology industry.

But for software developers, web design professionals and data analysts, the proportion is far lower at just 18%.

“I never thought I could do it but it’s honestly the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Zoe.

“Because I studied media, psychology and English at A-level I just didn’t think I’d end up here,” explained Zoe, who works for Veygo Insurance in Cardiff.

“I now help make the website function, adding features and sorting any problems that arise, and I really love it.”

Latest ONS figures show women make up 31% of the wider technology industry,

Companies across the UK want more women like…

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