Twitter’s clumsy handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story spurred enough bipartisan criticism to risk the existence of the internet as we know it

Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California.
Twitter’s decision to throttle stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop prompted bipartisan criticism.
Though the laptop was authenticated, some reports about its content have not been confirmed.
Some lawmakers have since called to repeal Section 230, a law “that created the internet.”

Newly published internal communications regarding Twitter’s decision to throttle a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in late 2020 revealed the social platform fielded widespread bipartisan criticism over its decision. The criticism has since intensified a movement to repeal Section 230, which could change the Internet forever. 

Matt Taibbi, who writes the Substack newsletter “TK News,” on Friday posted a thread of tweets he titled “The Twitter Files” that included screenshots of internal correspondence about the social platform’s content moderation system. In a note to his readers on Substack, Taibbi wrote he had to “agree to certain…

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