The top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2024, ranked

The Top 10 Democratic Presidential Candidates For 2024, Ranked - Frls7Wuyb5Kcyostwub7Piuhxq
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There was a time very recently when two states had a reputation for deciding American presidential elections: Florida and Ohio.

The bad news for Democrats is that the 2022 election confirmed those are now effectively red states — and how. Republicans dominated statewide in both of them, from governor on down, and won by double-digits in almost every race, even though the election overall was a disappointment for them.

The good news for Democrats is that the rest of the Rust Belt and the Midwest in 2022 suggest the Trump era is wearing thin.

Democrats’ best states in the midterm election — relative to other recent elections — were arguably Michigan and Pennsylvania. They won the governor’s race in both by double-digits and added a win for senator in Pennsylvania. They also flipped both state legislative chambers in Michigan, taking full control of the state for the first time in nearly four decades. They had a good day in Minnesota, as well,…

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