Fans express mixed reactions to Deion Sanders’ reported $5 million deal to coach struggling Colorado Buffs after three-year dominating run at Jackson State

Deion Sanders coaches one his players at Jackson State.
Deion Sanders is reportedly leaving Jackson State after three years as head coach, ESPN says.
Sources say Sanders will join the Colorado Buffaloes for a roughly 40% pay increase, CBS reported.
Football fans can’t seem to agree on how they feel about the potential move.

Deion Sanders is reportedly gearing up to leave Jackson State just three seasons into his college football coaching career, and opinions are split on his potential move to the University of Colorado.

Sources say Sanders and those close to him have been “making inquiries to both potential members of his on-field staff and support staff at Colorado,” ESPN reported. Sanders’ salary at Colorado would start at over $5 million per year — a nearly 40% pay raise, according to CBS News

The news of Sanders possibly leaving surfaced Friday night ahead of Jackson State’s Southwestern Athletic Conference title game against Southern University on Saturday, according to the…

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