‘Everybody’s a Joe Manchin.’ A GOP moderate looks ahead to a very narrowly divided House

‘Everybody’s A Joe Manchin.’ A Gop Moderate Looks Ahead To A Very Narrowly Divided House - Snxxp73Gskcvinie6Morfx3Gee
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Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio) woke up thoroughly depressed one late June morning earlier this year. His best friend in Congress had lost his primary race to a MAGA Republican, leaving Joyce to think about both losing his wingman but also the direction of his party.

“What am I doing here?” the five-term Midwestern moderate recalled thinking. If he hadn’t already won his own primary weeks earlier, Joyce acknowledged that he might have just given up and retired.

Instead, after winning another two-year term by more than 20 percentage points last month, Joyce has thrown himself into the deep end of the House Republican Conference’s ideological swimming pool. He’s the new chairman of the Republican Governance Group, a collection of just under 50 GOP lawmakers who quietly like to see Congress function.

They often end up under siege from what he calls “the exotics” from the far-right flank, the loudest, most media-seeking Republicans who pine for former…

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This article was written by Paul Kane and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com