5 Tips for Booking Group Travel Insurance

Are you planning a group travel event? Maybe you have a large family, or you’re heading to an event hosted by your employer. Whatever the case, you may be looking to purchase travel insurance for your time out of town; but since there are so many of you, it may make sense to purchase group travel insurance instead.

If this is something you’re considering, read on to discover the different types of travel insurance, where to find group travel insurance plans and other tips for booking this type of insurance.

Types of travel insurance

Before you begin searching for travel insurance, you’ll first want to figure out what you’re looking for. Different companies will sell different types of travel insurance with varying levels of coverage, and the price changes to match.

Most often, you can expect to find these varieties of travel insurance available for purchase:

Common types of travel insurance

Most individuals purchase base level travel insurance coverage and then customize their…

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This article was written by Carissa Rawson and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com