School dress codes can discriminate against many students, report finds

School Dress Codes Can Discriminate Against Many Students, Report Finds - Ppsme3Hkeii6Tboaqwqjrzd3G4
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Student dress codes are promoted by educators for security reasons, but in many cases they are a source of insecurity, especially for Black pupils, girls and other learners.

That’s a key finding in a federal watchdog report that says the government should be more active in pushing equal access to education by helping school districts design clothing standards that better consider equity and safety for students. Almost half of the nation’s schools enforce strict dress codes, though they are more common for Black and Latino students.

“Many dress codes include elements that may make the school environment less equitable and safe for students,” says a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). For example, GAO said, “an estimated 60 percent of dress codes have rules involving measuring students’ bodies and clothing — which may involve adults touching students.”

That can make girls feel less safe.

Hair also is a frequent target…

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