Pakistan v England: first Test, day two – live

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Lunch: Pakistan 17-0, 640 runs behind

6th over: Pakistan 15-0 (Safiq 6, Imam ul-Haq 11) That’s just delightful, an on-drive by Imam that sings across the rope. He cuts the next from Robinson through cover, but it is halted before it can run over the boundary boards. A couple of singles and that’s that. Pakistan survive their initial six overs, and everyone retires for an extended lunch of an hour because of Friday prayers.

5th over: Pakistan 8-0 (Safiq 5, Imam ul-Haq 3,) The arse-end of a chance as Duckett is hit hard on the hand at short leg by Shafique, but pretty impossible to do anything with. A maiden for Anderson on the world’s flattest pitch.

4th over: Pakistan 8-0 (Imam ul-Haq 3, Safiq 5) A squirt to fine leg for a couple as Robinson continues to probe dangerously.

3rd over: Pakistan 6-0 (Imam ul-Haq 1, Safiq 5) Anderson immaculate – line and length.

From Australia, Richard Stant writes in:…

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