Egypt mothers misled into Caesarean sections – campaigner

Caesarean section rates are significantly higher in Egypt than other parts of the world, with some doctors accused of deliberately steering expectant mothers to choose this for their own convenience – and as a way of making money.

“The doctor chose C-section not to interrupt his annual leave,” Mai Shami told the BBC, referring to the experience of a mother from her group. The doctor to whom she was referring allegedly decided to deliver the baby at a time which worked for him, rather than let it happen naturally.

A Caesarean section is when a baby is delivered by making a surgical cut in the abdomen and womb. They fall into three categories:

A year ago, Mai launched a Facebook initiative called Stop Medically Unjustified Caesarean Section, which is followed by more than 12,000 people around the Arab world.

The initiative was a fruit of her personal experience of giving birth two years ago.

“Doctors were pushing me towards Caesarean section as if it were the only, best and most…

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