Post Politics Now: Biden hosting Macron at White House; Obama to stump for Warnock in Ga.

Post Politics Now: Biden Hosting Macron At White House; Obama To Stump For Warnock In Ga. - Vfkvczyrkzfviuro5Soa2Idw5M

“There is a risk today that we must discuss among friends,” Macron said in a talk at the French embassy. “The risk is that, in the face of the challenges I mentioned, the U.S. looks first to the U.S., which is normal — we do the same.”

He added, “The choices made, whose goals I share — especially the IRA or the CHIPS Act — are choices that will fragment the West because they create such differences between the U.S. and Europe.”

Macron was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act, which among other things provides billions to support the U.S. clean energy industry, and a separate measure that bolsters U.S. semiconductor manufacturers.

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