House votes to pass bill forcing rail labor deal to avoid strike

House Votes To Pass Bill Forcing Rail Labor Deal To Avoid Strike - Ilovf2Xuw2473Qodlczdgttdpu
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The House voted Wednesday to force a deal between freight rail carriers and unions, blocking a potential strike that threatened travel, supply chains and the busy holiday shopping season.

The legislation heads to the Senate, where its path could be more fraught, but leaders of both parties have vowed to act quickly.

Without a deal, the unions are poised to strike as early as Dec. 9. Four of 12 unions involved had voted down a contract, brokered by the White House, that lacked paid sick days or changes to an attendance policy that rail workers say is punitive. A shutdown of the nation’s railway systems could cost the economy as much as $2 billion a day, according to the rail carriers trade group.

The House voted 290-137, with bipartisan support, on the bill that would force the rail deal that was brokered by the White House. But the chamber also narrowly approved a separate version of the rail deal, 221-207, to give rail workers seven paid sick days, a…

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