Bad Data Is Sapping Your Team’s Productivity

In principle, new technologies help companies increase productivity: Logistics systems ensure that they have the right quantities of things they need, operational systems help automate production and the delivery of goods and services, and decision support systems bring the analyses and forecasts managers need to make better decisions to their fingerprints. Further, during the pandemic, many companies rushed to digitize even faster. Productivity should be soaring. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened.

While there are many competing explanations, I believe there is a fundamental explanation for low productivity gains and, even more importantly, a way to boost them: Digital technologies are fueled by data and too much data is simply bad, negating the possible productivity gains. New technologies have proliferated, but data management has not kept pace, adding enormous cost and friction. The key to boosting productivity lies in eliminating the root causes of bad…

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This article was written by Thomas C. Redman and originally published on