As Ukrainian forces recaptured a key town, another elite Russian unit appears to have gone through ‘the meat grinder’

Destroyed apartments in the Ukrainian city of Lyman on November 27.
During Ukraine’s counteroffensive this autumn, Ukrainian troops surrounded the city of Lyman.
Lyman is an important hub in eastern Ukraine, and a larger Russian force was trapped there.
Russian troops in Lyman and those who retreated took heavy losses, including an elite GRU unit.

As September rolled around, everyone expected the Ukrainian military to launch a major attack against Kherson in the south.

For weeks, Ukrainian forces had been using US-supplied M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems to launch long-range precision strikes on Russian supply lines and communications networks in southeastern Ukraine.

However, the Ukrainians surprised the Russians and the world by launching a fast-paced counteroffensive in the east around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. In just a few days, Ukrainian forces liberated hundreds of square miles of territory and scores of villages.

The fact that the Russian high command…

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