4 Plausible Geopolitical Scenarios CEOs Should Consider When Setting Strategy – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM EY-PARTHENON

By Jeff Wray, Oliver Jones, Courtney Rickert McCaffrey, and Famke Krumbmüller

The future for business has rarely been so uncertain. The war in Ukraine, climate change, technological innovation, and demographic shifts are just some of the factors remaking the global operating environment.

The signs are that globalization is changing dramatically, but no one knows for sure how it will play out. Facing such volatility, how can business leaders plan for the future? The answer is scenario analysis—the systematic exploration of multiple plausible futures. This can enable CEOs to prepare their companies for whatever happens next—but they must act now.

The right strategy for uncertainty

Even before the war in Ukraine sparked the most significant geopolitical rupture since the end of the Cold War, CEOs named geopolitical tensions as the greatest risk to future growth strategies, according to the EY CEO Survey 2022. With faltering…

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