When Inflation Rises, Health Outcomes Fall

Ultimately, how people set their health priorities is influenced by their ability to pay for medications, doctor visits, gym memberships, and even healthy food. Rising costs for normal day-to-day necessities like transportation and housing mean that for many, there isn’t as much money left over to take care of their health. With inflation still tracking high, it’s essential for employers to recognize its effect on employees and find ways to help them afford and access the care they need as prices continue to go up.

As inflation hit a 40-year high over the summer, Americans faced tough decisions on how to tighten budgets — and unfortunately, many cut medical care at the expense of their health. A June 2022 survey conducted by West Health and Gallup found that in the prior six months, high health care prices drove 38% of American adults — nearly 100 million people — to delay or skip treatment and cut back on driving, utilities, and food or borrow…

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This article was written by Sean Duffy and originally published on hbr.org